Monday, January 21, 2008

A fantastic piece of journalism!

From the CBS interview with David Crosby, in which the journalist projects the reader's voice and imagines that the reader actually knows (1) who Melissa Etheridge's partner was and (2) that she is no longer Etheridge's partner.

And just when you think David Crosby's life can't be any more dramatic, you say, 'Wait a minute - wasn't he the guy who donated sperm so that Melissa Etheridge and her then-partner Julie Cypher could have children?' He was … and it was his wife's idea

"I didn't ask him first," Jan said.

"You offered him first?" Braver asked.

"I did, and you know in retrospect, I have to honestly say the moment was so pure that I didn't have to question it."

Crosby didn’t question it, either.

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